Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20SB Blog Swap 2011 with Jacqueline from Real Indiana Housewife

So it's here. The 20 Something Bloggers, Blog Swap! 20SB is a blogger forum for the 20 something bloggers out there. It's a place to connect with others,  and to share ideas, meet friends, and discover new blogs. The blog swap is something that 20SB does every year to connect bloggers to new audiences. Swap partners are randomly generated, and today we ''hijack'' each others blogs with posts of our own. 

I was connected to Jacqueline at
She is a newlywed, new mama who is documenting her new journey in mamahood.
She's a super awesome chick who I am lucky to now know!
And now....I bring you Jacqueline's post!

Im super excited to be guest posting on Just Married Real Estate. I just met Anne and from reading her posts and the emailing we've been doing....basically she's the coolest lady I've ever had the random fortune to be blog swapped with.
a little about me. I'm Jacqueline D from real Indiana housewife. i started blogging because of all the people i one was married...except my parents and their friends....and definitely none of my friends were expecting babies. I needed community and i found it in the blogging world. i love makes me feel ALOT less lonely after having to quit school for my mommy-like dreams [I had a really rough 1st trimester...well....and 3rd really too] .
To be honest, for me to sum up what I did this summer, feels like an impossible feat. This summer, was something so magical and so chotic that I can't belive that it's only a few more weeks till September. Everyday this summer I had something crazy happen to me, and so I'll just tell you about the fun things.
I started NST[non-stress tests, or the most boring medical procdeure ever] twice weekly to make sure my little guy was okay
 BOTH of my cousins left me for the first time to go to far off places--think Bootcamp for the Army and THILAND...I KNOW RIGHT?!--
had a baby shower
see...told you this summer was CRAZY!!
hope YOU all had a good one too!! =)


  1. Was a BLAST swapping with you! Your one.awesome lady! Can't wait to read more from you! :)

  2. This is so fun! How do I become a part of this group ?? I'm 20 something! I've got a blog! :) Please let me know!

  3. It's simple. Here's the website:

    It's such a great place to meet other bloggers just like you. We've made so many wonderful friends, like Jacqueline :-)