Nick & Anne
Married 11-28-2009

I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Montclair, N.J. At the age of eight I earned my Screen Actors Guild Card and did some commercials, short films, voice-overs, plays and musicals in New York City and New Jersey. Later, I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and worked as a performer on both coasts. Along the way I became a certified personal trainer and, after returning back to Montclair, I joined my mom’s team of top-selling Realtors. Within my first year of real estate, I closed 13 transactions. I am now a Team Member of The Baldwin Dream Team at Keller-Williams Realty in Montclair, NJ. 
In 2010 I launched JustMarriedRealEstate.com, a real estate service geared towards
the newly married and soon-to-be-married couples.
You can see me on the hit HGTV series, "Bought & Sold," which is currently airing.

I grew up in suburbia MI and for a few years in Goteborg Sweden. As the 3rd of 4 girls I knew the small town life wasn't for me and at 17 and I moved 1/2 way across the country to NYC. I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2008 and I now work in the wholesale jewelry business (plastic, not diamonds).

Things I love include: my amazing hubby, working out, my pup Barney, cooking, reading a good book, shopping, the color pink, sushi, spinach, strawberries, ok any berries, high high heels, manicures, the ocean, traveling, blogging, home decor, thunderstorms, NYC, lists/excel spreadsheets, quiet time, my family, Sweden, and oh so much more!

Things I dislike include: Seagulls (rats of the sea), pigeons (rats with wings),pickles, olives, tunafish, our evil cats Coco and Oliver, commuting, the color orange, cardio, crowded subways, crowded subways in the summer, loud eaters, snapping, being so far away from my family, flat shoes.

Barney the Boxer

I am a brindle colored boxer named Barney. I am crazy hyper, but the most loving dog you'll ever meet. I can sit, lay down, wait, stay, give paw, high five, hug, and get my toys. Even though I can do all of these things, I only do it because I know I get a treat after. I like to drive mom and dad crazy by scratching all of my fur off because I am allergic to basically everything under the sun. I may be 65lbs, but I like to lay on mom like I'm a lap dog. When I run, I run like a horse, and I can outrun most of the dogs in the dog park. 

Likes: sleeping, eating, chasing the cats, treats, farting, milkbones, snuggling, bath time, ripping up squeaky toys, and licking everything.
Dislikes: The evil cats, Coco & Oliver that won't play with me, being in my crate, my allergies, the ironing board, and when little dogs try to hump me (or any dog for that matter).