Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Allison  for nominating us for The Versatile Blogger Award! Allison writes Project Open Hearts about her journey of infertility and the journey to becoming a mom. I have known Allison since 6th grade and she is one of the most loving, caring, and sweetest women you will ever meet! Her blog is so inspiring to remember to love and never give up on your faith!

 For these awards, the blogger must:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award &
link back to their site in your original post.
2. Tell us seven things about yourself.
3. Pass along the award to five newly discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.

A little about US:
1. Nick was born in Brooklyn and Central Park was his playground until he moved to NJ at the age of 6.

2. I was born and raised in MI, but both of my parents grew up in the town Nick and I live in now. We actually are living in the house that my dad grew up in!
3. I am a vegetarian and Nick is probably the biggest carnivore you will ever meet. This makes for some interesting meal preparations!
4.  Nick proposed to me with the NYC skyline as our backdrop and the first words out of my mouth were "You're kidding me right?"
5. Nick is Jewish and I am catholic. We actually had 2 ceremonies on our wedding day. We were legally  married in the Catholic Church and had a symbolic Jewish ceremony before the reception.
6. We have 2 evil cats who plot to kill me on a daily basis.

7. When Nick and I started talking about getting engaged he asked me to show him what kind of rings I liked since he was clueless. I made him a powerpoint. Some think this is crazy, I think this is smart.

Six Blogs that I have tagged :)
1.The Groom Says  - This really funny blog written by Brian out in LA. Basically it's a wedding planning site for the guy. He's proud to be married and isn't afraid to help all those other grooms out there, who actually want to be involved in planning!
2.House of Turquoise- A great home decor blog that is everything turquoise. Erin always has the prettiest pictures up and the best ideas for our home that is slowly, but surely, coming together!
3.Real Life, Real Estate, Real Dana- Dana is a real estate agent in Kentucky. She is super cute and super motivated. It's a great blog with a mix of her work and everyday life!
4.Hooked on Houses- This is one of the coolest blogs out there. Julia writes about every and any house out there. I LOVE her photos of all her celebrity houses that she posts. I can spend hours on this blog drooling over homes that I wish I could live in!
5.Thrifty Decor Chick- An awesome DIY blog written by Sarah. A lot our inspiration has come from her easy DIYs and renovations that she has done in her own home. Many projects are under $40 are easy to do, and look awesome! Plus, she loves NKOTB so that right there makes her awesome.


  1. What a fun blog! I love the name and the idea behind it. I'll have to check out a couple of these blogs you mentioned that I hadn't heard of. Thanks for the shout-out for mine! :-)

  2. great post! love the evil kitty bullet point haha =)

  3. Hey, thanks guys! We're so happy you're enjoying it :-)

  4. I love it :) I had no idea that you guys are living in the house your dad grew up in!