Thursday, June 23, 2011

Decorate 4 Less: The Wall Collage

A few days ago I decided to finally decorate our very boring, very large dining area wall. We had this wall put up before moving in to create a 2nd bedroom and while it was a great addition to our place, it created a lot more wall space for us to fill up. I wanted something that would showcase photos and other ods and ends but wouldn't be shelving (our cats aren't too bright and would knock everything down). After some googling and bing-ing I came across the oh so popular wall collages.

Like this from Pottery Barn

Or this from Young House Love (awesome blog, go check it out!)

Or this from Darling Savage Blog (another awesome blog)

 Lightbulb went off and I was on a mission to have my very own wall art collection. I already had a lot of photos that I wanted to frame and other odds and ends (like a painting of my home town and a vintage poster). Because I am cheap smart, I wasn't about to spend over $5/photo frame. Seeing as Nick and I love our antiquing and garagesale trips we saw this as the perfect opportunity to help us decorate for less! We hit up 3 garage sales and ended up with 10 mismatched photo frames for $14 total! With the help of my best friend -spray paint and sandpaper, we had matching frames!

 Nick spray painting the old frames

Next, I stuck up newspaper in the same sizes as our frames and mapped out where each frame would go. Once it was perfect, I spent about 20 minutes nailing and hanging and viola, our photo wall was complete!

(Sorry for the awful quality- our Cannon wasn't charged so we used the Flip Cam)

 The finished product!
Here are some details of what is hanging.

Barney shilloutte- I painted this and I will do another DIY on this later one

This was in the fram when we bought it at the garage sale. It is actually the front of an old menu from the 30's!

This is a painting my mom and dad bought me and had framed. It shows the two sides of Main Street in the town I grew up in! I love that it's a little piece of home away from home!

We still have plenty of wall space to fill up- so we will be adding as we go and will be updating the progress!

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