Friday, May 27, 2011

Newlywed Nutrition - The (Gained) Weight of Love

Hi, Anne here! Back in September of 2010, Nick and I took a trip to LA to visit some of his friends. When we were there we took tons of photos and we obviously put them on Facebook the second we got back home. Looking through the pictures, both Nick and I got really quiet when we came upon a photo of him and me in front of some rocks in Malibu. Why did we get quiet you ask? Because looking at that photo we realized that Nick had gained some quite a bit of weight. It wasn't just the weight that made us quiet...he just looked unhealthy. Now, if you know anything about the two of us, you know we are both crazy about working out and eating right so it came as a shock to see that he had let that slip. Before when I met him, he was a personal trainer for goodness sake! But between moving, stress of his work, and the start up of his new business ventures (to name a few things), he just hadn't had the time to keep himself in shape. This got us talking- why do people tend to gain weight when they get married?

Think about it, before you start dating someone you try your hardest to look good. Let's face it, we are a country that is based on looks first and most people, whether they admit it or not, people care about what they look like. Not only do you want to feel good about yourself when you are single, you want to attract other singles. Now, when you find that person and start dating, you stay looking good because you want to look your best for them, impress their friends and family, or whatever the reason may be. But once you are in the comfort of a relationship, things can start to slip a bit. Then you get engaged, you want to look good for your big day so you bulk up and/or shed some lbs. Then you're married and you know your secure,  you move in together (if you haven't already), you start cooking hearty meals, you get busy with life, and before you know it...BAM, you're 30 lbs heavier than you were on your wedding day. For most couples life gets in the way and the feeling of comfort and normalcy overrides that of being in tip-top shape.

Let's look at the anatomy of wedding weight gain:

    2007 in Miami a few weeks after meeting- Nick was in tip-top shape. I on the other hand, had a broken foot.

    2008 in Greece, Had too look good for those Grecian beaches!

                       2009, Nick with his best man at our wedding, had started gaining.          

                             Nick on our trip to LA last year. One of the turning points.

                   2010 the pic that sparked Nick's weight loss. 40lbs gained since 2007.

                                           2011, Nick now after 7 months, 50lbs shed...

                                                                ...and muscle gained!

So, for all of you newlyweds out there - getting married does not have to equal getting fat! Take pride in your health, your body, your mind, and keep that partner of yours happy (because looks are all that matter, duh). There are SO many great recipes, easy meals,  and easy workouts that you both can do together to stay fit. Plus there are perks- you'll keep your physical attraction alive and maybe even create a new spark!

Gaining even 10lbs of extra fat is not good for you emotionally or physically and can add so many negatives to your short and long term health. Keep an eye open for another Newlywed Nutrition blog post on how Nick shed his 50lbs of ''wedded weight'' in 7 months and how he is keeping it off!

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