Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maybe I Can Afford Katy Perry's My (Teenage) Dreams!

Hi, Nick here.

Newbies, Russel Brand & Katy Perry, have put their 4BR/5 bathroom, 4,700 sq. ft., Mediterranean-style home on the housing block. Guess these honeymooners want to move on to a bigger & better love nest.

Built in 1922 and located in Los Feliz, California, the house can be yours for the everyday low price of $3.395 million. Perry reportedly added some of her own personal touches to the home. Like, she turned the 3-car garage into every woman's fantasy - a giant closet for her massive wardrobe. Why? Because she's Katy Perry and she can! From the pictures below the house looks modest, in my opinion. But in a good way, so don't get me wrong. Her style is subtle and classy. Not too rock star flashy.

Perry may lose money from the sale, being that she purchased the home in 2009 for $3.25 million, and it's listed now for $3.395 million. If her commission pay out is 6%, she may have to bring as much as $60,000 to the closing table (if she sells the house for the asking price, that is). Chart topping songs aren't the only hits Katy has these days. It seems even our favorite celebs are feeling the declining real estate market as well.

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