Sunday, April 10, 2011

Decorate 4 Less: The Ugly Old Lamp

Hi, Anne here!

One of the most exciting parts of being a newlywed is turning "your place" into ''our place". Gone are the days of beanbag chairs and milk crates or zebra print and lace, and in are the days of meshing both of your personalities together. While this can be a daunting and expensive process it doesn't always have to be!

Luckily, when Nick and I moved into a new apartment together we didn't disagree that much on what to keep and what to get rid of (who am I kidding? I made him get rid of his gross old comforter, cracked coffee table, and life size cardboard cut-out of Superman). We also didn't disagree much on how to decorate.The only problem was we didn't have enough ''stuff'' to work with. The last thing I wanted to do was spend hundreds of dollars on new decor, so we found easy DIY projects to spruce up our new home.

Here is an easy lamp project that took about 2 garage sales, 1 can of spray paint, $13 and 1 hour to complete.

Step 1
Hit up garage sales/yard sales/estate sales and see what there is to offer. We like to go to at least one a weekend to see what we can find. Look for the shape of an object and not the actual color/pattern. Keep in mind that metal, wood, and glass are the best to work with if refinishing. Plastics don't take to
these projects very well.

This weekends find, a $5.00 lamp from a local garage sale

Step 2
I taped over the light socket and the top of the cord so they were safe from the paint. Then I used all-purpose sandpaper and sanded the whole lamp lightly. Sanding is an important part of the process because it helps the spray paint stick.

Step 3
Using Krylon Satin Finish spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze, I sprayed about 5 light and even coats all over including the metal base. Light coats are better than thick because it stops drips from occurring.

Step 4
Let the lamp dry for 30 minutes and viola, a lamp that looks brand new and only cost $13 total.

The breakdown was $5 for the lamp and $7.50 for the spray paint.
We used a lampshade that we had already from Target (original price, $12.99).

Look out next week for another easy, DIY decor idea!

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